Empowering Excellence in Staffing and Employee Sourcing

Established on September 10, 2021, Protingent India LLP (PIL) is a dynamic Limited Liability Partnership headquartered in the vibrant city of Jaipur, India.

Protingent India LLP collaborates seamlessly with its parent company, Protingent Inc., as an integral part of its strategic mission. Our comprehensive services to Protingent Inc. encompass a wide spectrum, from pre-screening and client submissions to project management and regulatory compliance in India

Our commitment to excellence is deeply ingrained in our culture. The true value of any enterprise lies in the quality of its people. Our exceptional team, handpicked for their high levels of skill and technological knowledge, powers the success of our clients. We understand that cutting-edge products are born of exceptional people, consistent communication, and collaboration.

At Protingent India LLP, we understand that culture trumps strategy every time. We've built a culture of engagement and collaboration that is second to none. Being an employee-owned company reinforces our dedication to a shared purpose. We work tirelessly to maintain and strengthen our culture, nurturing relationships with our team, clients, and candidates.

At Protingent India LLP, we are more than just a staffing and employee sourcing partner; we are your path to exceptional talent and successful collaborations. Join us on this journey towards excellence.


Our Commitment

Here are some of Protingent's accolades and accomplishments.

Protingent India LLP is dedicated to delivering excellence in staffing and employee sourcing services. Our mission is to empower businesses with exceptional talent, fostering success through dynamic collaboration and exceptional people.


Our vision at Protingent India LLP is to become the preferred partner for businesses seeking top-tier staffing solutions. We aim to consistently exceed expectations, drive innovation, and cultivate a culture of shared purpose, positioning ourselves as leaders in the industry.

Our Values


We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work, ensuring top-notch service and results.


We believe in the power of collaboration, both internally and with our clients, to achieve mutual success.


We uphold the highest ethical standards in our business practices and relationships.


We empower our employees and clients to reach their full potential.


We embrace innovation, staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies.


We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes, fostering trust and reliability in all that we do.

Our team

Harry Saxena

Designated Partner

Harry Saxsena is a results-driven professional with a strong ability to translate business demands into actionable tasks. He excels in managing teams and initiatives across departments, offering meticulous problem-solving skills, strategic insights, and effective communication with clients, vendors, and stakeholders.


Leena Singh

Finance Manager

Leena Singh, Senior Manager of Learning and Development at Protingent India LLP, holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance from S S Jain Subodh Girls College, Jaipur.

With over three years of IT recruitment experience in the US and India, she has supported national clients like Blue Origin, Microsoft, and Apple. Leena excels at aligning training programs with the organization's vision and creating tailored learning paths for staff, fostering professional growth and a culture of continuous learning.

Sachin kumar

Recruiting Manager

As the Recruiting Manager at Protingent India LLP, Sachin Kumar plays a vital role in leading a team of 10-20 sources and recruiters. With an extensive background in sourcing candidates and managing the full recruitment life cycle, he brings invaluable expertise to the table.

He collaborates on strategic planning and business development, ensuring that talent acquisition aligns with the company's goals and objectives. His commitment to providing exceptional client services has earned him recognition in diverse industries, including IT, Finance, Engineering, Medical Devices, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Manufacturing, and Automotive.

Sachin Kumar is a valuable asset to the Protingent India team, bringing comprehensive knowledge and experience to successfully drive talent acquisition initiatives.


Protingent’s accolades
and accomplishments

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